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Fresh from Virginia's Mobjack Bay


Our Farm

There's no way to hide from the elements out on our farm. We're situated right off of the Chesapeake Bay, fully exposed to wind, waves, and any kind of harsh conditions Mother Nature might throw our way. Our farm set-up channels the natural wave action of the Bay and uses it to constantly tumble the oysters. They’re rocking and rolling out there throughout their entire lives, creating a pretty great oyster in the process.

Working With Nature

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Channelling Wave Action

Our growing method uses the Bay’s natural wave action to constantly tumble the oysters giving them a deep cup and clean, polished shells.

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Unique, Balanced Taste

Our oysters have a rare balance of salty with a hint of sweetness that’s unique to the Mobjack Bay.

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A Little Sun, A Little Air

Oysters are intertidal species and are perfectly safe to get some sun and fresh air. We like to occasionally expose them on the farm, forcing them to grow a harder shell and a strong adductor muscle.

Wave illustration

Going With The Flow

Our farm receives constant water flow thanks to its proximity to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. These strong currents and tidal flows result in an extremely healthy and happy oyster.

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Natural Surroundings

The farm is near a completely untouched area of wetlands - one of the largest areas of its kind on the western shore of the Bay. This clean, beautiful environment contributes to the oysters’ overall flavor.


These are our signature oysters; if you see Wavelengths on a menu, you know it's us. Their salinity is 22-25ppt which gives them a salty taste, while still allowing some sweetness of the Mobjack Bay to shine through. Their meat-to-shell ratio and flavor make them versatile enough to be eaten either on the half shell or roasted over a fire. They pair great with other flavors so don't be shy experimenting with how to serve these.

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These oysters are meant for roasting and are a favorite among both chefs and home grillers. They are offered at 4-5” in size providing ample meat. Their thick shell keeps them warm and insulated between the cooktop and the customer’s plate. They have the same flavor profile as our Wavelengths, just a bit more mellowed out.



Our farm is settled in the Mobjack Bay, just a few miles off from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, in Gloucester, VA. This location gives our oysters a rare and dynamic flavor combo of salty and sweet. The Mobjack's four converging rivers provide ample algae growth for the oyster to feed on, while the constant water flow coming in from the Chesapeake Bay delivers a salinity of around 22ppt. 

Matheson Oyster Co. farm
Matheson Oyster Co. growing method

Growing Method

Wavelengths are grown at the water's surface in an adjustable longline system. This means that they never sit on the bottom or ever touch any mud. The ability to raise and lower these lines ultimately produces an oyster with high meat content, a deep cup, and thick shell - not to mention free of any biofoul (aka oyster muck). It's probably the most unique way of growing oysters in the Chesapeake Bay.

Thank you for shucking with us

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