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Guided by our connection to the water & our community

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Hey, There.

We are a female-owned and family-operated business with an emphasis on conducting all sectors of our business in the most sustainable way possible. All of our oysters are grown in Sarah’s hometown of Gloucester, VA in the Mobjack Bay leading right out to the Chesapeake Bay. 


Our name, Matheson Oyster Co., is an homage to Sarah’s parents who left us with the lasting impression of taking care of the planet, the community, and each other. They’re a constant reminder of our mission and what guides us.  

Be kind. Be passionate. Do what feels right.

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Our Story

It didn’t necessarily start with oysters; it was about family and having a foothold in a community. Having grown up on the water, we associate oysters with big gatherings of friends and family, particularly in part to Sarah’s parents’ annual oyster roast the day after Christmas. They would pull oysters that they grew from the river to share with anyone close to them in town for the holiday. It was both the oysters and their hospitality that made this a special tradition for Sarah and Eric.

After losing both of Sarah’s parents in 2017, we started this company to celebrate and continue their legacy in Gloucester and to bring more business to the community. Oysters felt symbolic of both their love and appreciation of nature, as well as their intrinsic ability of bringing people together. We see Matheson Oyster Co. as a way to honor them, their love of the water, and our community.

To this day, Matheson Oyster Co. is a true family affair. Sarah (owner) and Eric (ceo) are married, and Cory (farm manager) is Eric's brother. We work long hours, argue in the process, and then end the day over margaritas together.

Meet The Team


Eric Harris


Eric oversees the business strategy of Matheson Oyster Co. making sure we never lose sight of our longterm goals. He has an MBA from the University of Richmond and loves to utilize this experience to evaluate and tackle a problem. Eric is extremely passionate about restoration projects and is always working on incorporating them into our operation.

Sarah Matheson Harris, Owner & CMO

Sarah Matheson-Harris

Owner & CMO

Sarah creates all of the marketing and branding magic for the company. Prior to starting Matheson Oyster Co., she worked in advertising and has a Master’s degree in Strategic Branding from VCU’s Brandcenter. In addition to marketing, she also has a background in art. All of the animations we sprinkle throughout our marketing come directly from Sarah.

Cory Harris, Farm Manager

Cory Harris

Farm Manager

Anything and everything to do with growing our oysters falls under Cory's watch. He is the person to thank for getting the oysters to grow from 2mm to full size and on your plate. He's our full time boat captain and fixer of any problem. If something breaks, rest assured, we know that Cory can find a way to fix it. It's an art.

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Suggested pairings for any oyster occasion...

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