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As a company, we have the responsibility to offset and understand the scope of our environmental impact as much as possible. While oysters themselves have such a positive influence, there’s more than just the product that goes into any business. Each additional piece of our business is chosen with the environment in mind. You can see this in our packaging choices, partnerships, and additional projects we take on as a company. Progress doesn’t come from perfection, but we do believe it comes from responsibility.  

We will never use styrofoam to ship you our oysters. Instead, we source an insulation that’s made from recycled water bottles. Each box of oysters that we ship to your door comes with instructions printed on the box detailing how to properly recycle each piece of the package. Additionally, our oyster bags are made from beechwood cellulose fiber making them biodegradable and compostable. If you’re a shellfish harvester and haven’t heard of this option, we definitely encourage you to check out Ocean Farm Supply.


For our merchandise, we choose to partner with a local printing shop that uses water-based ink, as well as a local embroiderer. We do this to support our local small businesses, but to also cut down on travel emissions as much

as possible.

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