Matheson Oyster Co. is a love letter to the water, to the fresh food just below the surface, and to the people who value small acts amounting to a larger goal.

Oysters are one of the few net-positive farming practices - zero chemicals or additives AND they filter the water as they grow. We could rave about how cool oysters are (and we do), but instead we’ve decided to grow a whole farm of them.

We'll be bringing you fresh oysters and good times Summer '22 but in the meantime, follow us on our many adventures through @mathesonoyster. We'll be turning an old trucking depot into a modern oyster operation, starting a partnership with Grow Oyster Reefs to regenerate natural reefs, and ultimately creating a sustainable and woman-owned oyster farm in Virginia's Chesapeake Bay.

If you have any questions or just want to say hey, give us a shout at -  see ya soon!

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