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Mobjack Bay

Equal parts delicious & eco-friendly

We're a female-owned and family-operated oyster company in Virginia.

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Life of the Party

We don’t personally classify oysters as just food; they set the tone of any social gathering and are usually associated with celebrations and parties (a fall bonfire, intimate dinner, housewarming party, etc).

Traditionally, people tend to associate them paired with a glass of champagne at raw bar, but don’t be deceived. We whole-heartedly believe that oysters should be enjoyed just as often at even the most casual of gatherings. We say eat oysters whenever and wherever you want - grab some oysters, a shucking knife, your friends, and you're set to have a great time.

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Naturally Awesome

Oysters are one of the most environmentally friendly foods available - zero chemicals or additives, AND they filter the water as they grow. This is a huge part of what drew us to starting Matheson Oyster Co.


For every oyster you eat, you’re supporting a totally natural way to keep Earth’s resources clean and thriving. They filter the water, require zero fertilizers, store carbon in their shells, and help remediate harmful nutrients. Not to mention, they're loaded with protein and vitamins. In short, they’re incredible.

Eat more oysters, k?

From us, to you.


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